hands in meditation

Begin Again (and again…)

Since we can’t take progress for granted, civic engagement is a never ending obligation. Considering this fact could overwhelm you, or it could open up a window of compassion for yourself. For your humanity and the other critical roles you play besides that of Engaged Citizen. This responsibility isn’t going anywhere, it will be here when you can get back to it.

When life knocks you on your ass, throw yourself a pity party, replace the rug that was destroyed by said party and Begin Again.

I wasn’t successful in posting a Sustainable Step a week but I loved this process, I learned a lot and I think the ideas I shared still hold value for folks wondering what tf to do about the dangerously polarized space we live in. I’ll keep sharing my list of sustainable steps for you to revisit or to share with anyone who shares a sentiment along the lines of:

“I feel like I should get involved but I don’t know where to start”

I’d love to refine my suggested calls to action, so feedback is still welcome. Civic engagement is a practice we get to keep improving. We’re doing our best and I’m proud of you for whatever steps you’re able to take to engage in the larger issues that impact our world.


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