Columbus City Council Meetings

When are the meetings?

Calendar of regularly scheduled City Council Meetings is here:

And, there are many additional meetings. Special town hall series, meetings for specific committees, etc. Short of asking people at the City, to keep up, I’d recommend signing up for emails and following on Facebook.

FB is where they’re most consistent with meeting updates in recent months, but they’re also on Instagram and Twitter.

Speaking: The floor opens to the public at the end of each city council meeting.

“Residents who wish to speak during the meeting via WebEx must submit a speaker slip online. Online speaker slips can be submitted between 8am-3pm on the day of the meeting. To access the form, visit”

When you provide spoken testimony at a virtual city council meeting, your mic is activated but not your camera. You’re limited to three minutes, so keep it concise!

Written Testimony: Can be submitted to stand alone, or alongside your spoken testimony.

“During the emergency period, non-agenda speakers must submit their testimony to the City Clerk in writing by 3pm to All submitted testimony will be entered into the record.”

“Council urges residents to submit their testimony in writing for virtual meetings. Residents can submit written testimony for or against an ordinance to the City Clerk. It must be received by 3pm on the day of the meeting and emailed to”

Tuning in:

YouTube stream:
Facebook Live:
Phone: Residents can also listen live by calling toll-free 1-650-479-3207, access code: 180 133 1625

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