Time is Money. Give them both away.

  1. Think of a group who is marginalized, remember the helpers who are doing right by them, and send your money there.

    Do your research, of course–don’t fall for a scam. A reputable org should be able to tell you what will be done with your donation–and the org should be purpose-built to do it efficiently. For most groups monetary donations are the best way to make the biggest impact.

  2. Then, reflect on the propriety of this solution being addressed by individuals sharing their hard working incomes instead of a real, systemic answer to a critical need.


3. If it pisses you off that you are contributing to a cause that should never be at the mercy of private donors like you in the first place, tell your reps.


Not everyone has the capacity to give. But for some, skipping your matcha habit for a week and sending $25 to a charity is more realistic than signing up for a volunteer shift. Figure out what’s sustainable for you, and whether it involves charitable giving with a side of “Dear elected official: WTF.” If you’re reading this, it probably does!


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