About Sustainable Steps

Welcome to Sustainable Steps: a space to celebrate and empower each person’s human right and responsibility to act as an engaged member of their communities.

The fact is, in our current society, most people can’t be full-time advocates. We’re out here keeping the lights on. Taking care of ourselves and others’ basic needs. Having dance parties in our underwear while we clean our bathrooms. Life’s responsibilities and moments of joy should be compatible with civic engagement. We shouldn’t have to choose between them.

The intention of this space is to connect people who are trying to do the right thing–integrate civic engagement into their lives in a sustainable way. Being a part of the solutions we seek should energize us, but in today’s climate it doesn’t always feel the case. Everyone has different needs, and here you will find a broad range of venues where you can scratch your social justice itch in juuuust the right way to get your proverbial leg shaking.

President Barack Obama (paraphrasing Louis D. Brandeis) said, “The most important title is not ‘president’ or ‘prime minister’; the most important title is ‘citizen.’*

If you believe in this value and are seeking to realize your own power as a member of your community and a citizen of our world, you’re in the right place.

Note: *I interpret Barry’s notion of citizen to be more about everyday community membership than legal status, and that is the spirit of my own use of the term here. I acknowledge limitations, however, for non-citizens in this country. Steps shared will include vehicles of activism that are accessible to non-citizens.

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